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Speaker Access Links on Zoom Events


Hi  there,

I have lined up speakers set up on Zoom Event. I need them to access their online bio and edit ahead of our upcoming virtual conference. It appears only those with a Zoom account are able to sing in and do this, while those without cant. Is there a way none zoom account users set up as speakers for an event can sign in.  I noticed normal attendees have the option of signing in with a zoom account or a registration link. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @ISE.  Sorry you haven't seen a response yet!  Let me see if I can help.


First, here's the Zoom Support article that covers the topic of having Speakers edit their Zoom Event info:


I don't see anything in there that indicates a person without a Zoom account can't edit their info... but the Zoom Events product is more "authentication conscious" when it comes to editing the event.


I added a fictitious speaker with dummy email account to one of my test events:


And clicking the menu item brought up:


It's a draft event and I haven't published it yet.  What indication are you getting the a speaker without a Zoom account can't edit the info... and under what conditions?

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