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Numerous difficulties using Zoom on an Android 11 device.

To hear a Zoom Webinar on my (Android 11) phone the following seem necessary:
1. Turn on a volume booster app. with at least a 20% boost (Can’t hear it properly otherwise).
2. Somehow minimise the meeting and get that screen imposed over the booster (Goodev) app. screen (seems to be the only way that the booster is operational.
3. Change the “Turn off display” setting as the device doesn’t seem to recognise a Zoom Webinar as an occurring event (but I don’t recall that happening with YouTube so it seems the system can recognise ongoing usage without keys being activated).
Does anyone - who isn’t always in a quiet location - have any easier experience and if so what did you do?  It's appreciated that these are primarily questions about Android OS usage but I haven't found any useful info. elsewhere (remarkably); I must try YouTube.