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Welcome to the Education Community Forum!

The Education community forum is a place for Zoom users to collaborate, seek support, and exchange knowledge in their success of using Zoom within the education industry.

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Error Coe 124

I am trying to open a recorded meeting and I get this message: Sign in with the same Zoom Account on the web to open this account. Error Code: 124 I only have one account. I am on the web. My profile picture is correct on my account. Any and all help...

Basic vs Pro License

At our organisation, we don't have enough pro licenses for everyone. The majority of staff have a basic license. We need a way of determining who gets a pro license and who gets a basic license. Does anyone else here have a method of determining this...

What Does Your Back to the Campus Look Like?

As we prepare to wrap up the current school year across EMEA (some countries already have), we are hearing a variety of ideas for what the return to campus in August/September will look like. Many institutions are preparing for a hybrid learning envi...

Multiple Meetings at the same time

Hi everyone!Is there any solution to have more than 2 meetings simultaneously, if I have Education plan? I've read that we can host up to 2 meetings but we have average 5 classes at the same time. we'd love to keep Zoom as we grow. Thanks!

Attendance Report

I'm a Student at University, my instructor set me as absent, based on a Zoom report, that shows attendance with their attendance time, he didn't find my name on that list, and claimed I was absent, although I attend that lecture actually. So we need ...

zoom minimizing detection

I would like for zoom to develop a way to see if participants have minimized zoom to go off and play games or go to other websites. As a digital educator, keeping distractions to a minimum is impossible when they have access to the internet while in ...

MsPark by Listener
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Hi, I'm struggeling with enabling captioning in meetings. As far as I can see, everything is set up correctly at admin level. I tested it with me, myself and I in a meeting. Participant-I was able to request captions which host-I accepted. Still no w...

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BeateT by Listener
  • 10 replies

Audio always cuts out with high pitches

Hi, I use Zoom to teach voice lessons, and whenever I am singing or playing higher pitches, the audio will cut out and my students can't hear anything at all. I'm wondering if anyone else has found a solution to this audio issue. Thank you!