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Hi, We are a smaller, private school in Hungary owning free accounts (every teacher a seperate one). We'd like to upgrade to Pro (or the best solution we need), but there's a feature I couldn't find anywhere, and we need it:
-Is there a main account, where we can see all the meeting our teachers opened? This way it is easier to count all the classes we take, but the teachers still could have seperate Meeting ID.
Is there a way to get this organized feature?
Thank you,


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @YOLOedu 


If you are an Educational institution, you may want to speak to Zoom Sales directly, as I believe these are special accounts - and maybe different pricing.


All Paid plans give you some degree of being able to manage multiple users under one "account".


Ordinarily, on the commercial products, it would depend on how many licensed users you are going to have, and how many attendees you need in your Meetings, as to which plan is right for you.


If you have more than ten users, that would qualify you for the "Business" plan - on the commercial plans. That plan has the richest Admin Portal  allowing you to manage users in your company on one account for simplified billing, advanced user management settings, and comprehensive usage insights all in the Zoom Admin Portal.


The Pro plan allows for basic Reporting that allows you to run usage reports to learn how many meetings are taking place, which days, number of participants, number of meeting minutes and more. Maybe someone lese in the Community confirm than on Pro and Admin for Report across users? @Bort  ? 


There are some other differences between Pro and Business. You can see them here


But I would suggest you contact Zoom Education for any special plans available:


Hope this helps,






Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Yes, @Rupert, a Pro account would work, as it provides access to reporting for all users that are members of that account.  If you want more detailed and expansive reporting, the Business plan also gives you the Dashboard and other features.

Speaking with our Sales team would be best to go through the possible options that suit your budget and needs.