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Welcome to the Customer Success Forum!

Welcome to the Customer Success Forum! This is a collaborative place for Zoom users to share customer success stories, learn about upcoming events, and exchange use cases for helpful ways to use Zoom features.

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This meeting should have been a webinar

“Can everyone please mute?” Have you heard or spoken these words during a company all-hands or virtual event? Or struggled to switch presenters and screen-sharing access during a meeting? Or scrambled to get everyone the same virtual background for c...

rome810 by Participant | Zoom Employee
  • 1 replies

Zoom Not Working with ManyCam

Yesterday my camera would not work through ManyCam. A black screen appeared where my picture should have been displayed. I'm a basic user, using Zoom for teaching students around the world. I create my lessons in ManyCam and need to be able to use th...

New and Improved Survey and Polls

Productivity is a measure of efficiency and output in various aspects of life, surrounding work, personal tasks, and overall goal achievement. It involves managing time, resources, and energy effectively to maximize output. Adopting strategies such a...

Dee_S by Attendee | Zoom Employee
  • 1 replies

DPI to PPI Converter

How can the DPI to PPI Converter seamlessly enhance the precision of your digital images, ensuring a flawless transition from dots per inch to pixels per inch for optimal printing quality?

Zoom not auto updating on MSI installs

We have installed Zoom with the MSI installers and set them to automatically update.Zoom recently pushed out an update that did not auto install and it required admin privileges to install the update so IT had to be called and install the update on a...

Jakz34 by Listener
  • 1 replies