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What Does Your Back to the Campus Look Like?

Attendee | Zoom Employee
Attendee | Zoom Employee

As we prepare to wrap up the current school year across EMEA (some countries already have), we are hearing a variety of ideas for what the return to campus in August/September will look like.  Many institutions are preparing for a hybrid learning environment to allow students to participate either in-person or remotely.  What are your plans for a safe and effective return to campus?  Are you incorporating a hybrid approach or focusing on updating your real estate footprint to accommodate students in a socially-distanced manner?  We'd love to hear from you!



Hi, I'm going to be offering a free webinar August 26 on How to Use Zoom in the New (Blended) Normal: Models for Student Inclusion and Engagement. In the webinar, I will discuss how campuses are likely to look next semester. Registration and more info is at



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