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Video quality diminishes for meeting attendees when I share my screen


Hi There!


I have been using ZOOM for almost 2 years to teach my private music lessons. I have a really great setup where I am able to share my iPad and write out lessons in real time using the app notability. I can then send the lessons via pdf directly to my students.


I noticed after the most recent update that the video quality of may students diminishes into a grainy pixelated display when I am sharing my screen. Once I stop the screen sharing, the video which I receive from my students goes back to normal HD"ish" quality. I spend most of my time in the lesson using the screen sharing mode. It is very hard to see what strings or frets students are playing when the video quality is so bad during screen share mode.


Please let me know if there is anything I can do to get it back the way it was before the update. I so regret doing this update, it is really effecting my work.


Thank You!



so when you screen share the video drops frame rate to have a higher resolution image. Unless you choose the optimize for video playback checkbox in the Zoom share window. 


This option is great for recorded videos that have their own sound.  With live video, it results in a 1-2 second video lag for the students so when we say one thing, they see it 1-2 seconds later.  Any other ideas?  


Thank you! 


Thank you  


Unfortunately that solution did not help me. Anyone else have any ideas? I cannot believe Zoom would throttle down the video quality when sharing screens. What are people suppose to do who rely on the screen to teach a class where visually looking at a student is crucial? 


Any answers, I have the exact same problem.  When I share my screen it is fine for about 60 seconds then drops to about 1 frame/second.  If I choose the "optimize for video" there is a full 1-2 second time lag in the video from my live audio input.   This all happened with a zoom change, I was fine in the past.  

My issue resolved itself with the newest Zoom update. Is your zoom up to date? Also check that your operating system is up to date.