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Could World Cafe be done on Zoom?


Could this activity work on Zoom with different color fonts and electronic whiteboards?


Objective: Students recall, then reconstruct information from a recorded lecture. 

Description of Activity

After they listen to the recording , place students in groups of three. Give each group a color ink pen—the unique color ink serves to identify the group—and a blank sheet of paper. Ask each group to recall as much information from the recording as possible. Allow three minutes for collaboration. 

At the end of three minutes, each group takes its unique color pen and moves to occupy seats where another group previously sat.  However, each group leaves behind the sheet of paper on which they wrote--as much as they could recall--about the topic of the audio lecture.  At new station, students read what the previous group wrote and add whatever new information they can. They also correct any erroneous information, spelling, and punctuation. They cannot repeat any information they already noted before.   


At the end of three minutes, group takes its unique color pen and moves to next station leaving the sheet of paper behind. Students continue in clockwise fashion until they return to their original seats.  The sheet of paper in front of them contains all the information students could recall. Teachers, if they wish, can play lecture again, so students may compare information written on the sheet in front of them. Students may fill any information gaps.  



This sounds like it could be a lot of fun! Have any of you community members tried something like this on Zoom? 👀

Zoom Community Team
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