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Breakout Room Feature Request


Hello Colleagues!


I'm a Zoomophile! Love nearly everything about it, but I'd really like a way for the host to view all breakout rooms on one screen. I've done live testing on Zoom before where students are in breakout rooms, but as a host, I needed to hop into each room frequently and it's just annoying.


Has anyone found any way around this or have any good ideas with live testing using Zoom?


(with the pandemic I completely restructured exams and moved away from live proctoring (proctorio, lockdown browser, etc.), but in my current position, I'd like to be able to provide options to colleagues)

-- Scott


I believe the Zoom 3rd party tool Class for Zoom does this. But it's an addon, not sure if they have a free-for-teacher account plan or such.

@mathplourde That's a cool add-on, but there's no way my institution would pay for another licensed program as we've already purchased the PRO Zoom version and LMS integration. I'm just hoping Zoom adds this feature soon. I have hope since they added share screen to all breakout rooms recently.

-- Scott

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @ScottProfe 


This would be a great feature. I have come up against the same requirement myself.  It's like it would be great to have a Gallery View of Breakout Rooms.  


With a small number of rooms (let's say 3-4) and on a Business account with simultaneous meetings enabled, I have sometimes shifted Host to a different computer, and then used the first computer to re-join the meeting let's say four times. Each instance of the meeting I put in one of the Breakout Rooms. Then put as a 4-up on my monitor, for example. That gives me a presence in all four rooms from one computer. Audio can be a challenge - especially if you want talkback.


Other times with just a couple of rooms, I'll just bring in additional laptops to the side.


Hope this helps. Remember to also submit your suggestion/request at






@Rupert Oh most definitely! The feedback/feature request is my favorite!

-- Scott