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Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello Everyone,


We’re excited to have you in the Zoom Education Community! Whether you’re a seasoned teacher, principal, administrator, or a life-long-learner simply exploring, just know that everybody belongs in our Zoom community!



  1. Explore, engage, and enjoy! Do not hesitate to ask questions and start new conversations. We have a treasure trove of knowledge in this community! Take a look around, you might see some familiar faces and make some new connections. 
  2. Join the conversation! Reply to this post with a response to my question: What are you still curious about for the fall?
  3. Explore our product channels, marketplace, and community help center for extensive self-help solutions. 
  4. Know this... Zoom for Education is a fluid site offering tips, tutorials, and solutions for your room, spaces and campus.  Part of this beta stage includes gaining feedback from community members like you on how things are going and how to improve the Zoom community experience. 

Visit our Connected Classroom for Hybrid Learning Spaces for information, inspiration and ways Zoom can assist in making your transition to a hybrid learning environment successful.

        5. Lastly, ask me any questions, If I do not have an answer for you, I will get one! We are all lifelong learners, stay                       curious, and experiment. 


About Me (My Bio)

As the Global Education Solutions Lead for Zoom Video Communications, Pat LaMorte leverages his extensive education and communications background to guide the company towards supporting the future of education. As the former President/CEO of one of Florida’s Catholic High Schools, Pat immersed himself in educational technology, Curriculum alignment across grade-levels, school finance, Technology Enabled Active Learning Labs. Pat earned an Ed-Leadership certification from Kean University and implemented his unique knowledge to serve more significant academic outcomes for his students.


During Pat’s tenure at Zoom, he has been instrumental in helping thousands of schools navigate the transition to virtual and hybrid learning. He is considered a thought leader and is a sought out public speaker for many of the largest education-focused events in the nation. Pat’s passion for improving equitable access to education by enhancing technology to engage, inspire and elevate student achievement serves as the cornerstone to his success.



Pat La Morte
Global EDU Solutions LeadZoom Video Communications

Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

This is a great site Pat.  I'm curious if there are recommendations for minimum recommended setups for teachers versus students that want to enjoy a first class citizen & hybrid learning environment.  Appreciate any guidance.  




I am still a learner of English language who is from Hokkaido,Japan. And I am beginner of a zoom English learner.Could you kindly give me some tips for Japanese high school students from your experience.