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user email not longer available, not able to change user email, verification sent to old email


My email address with which I created an account at the time (email address for registration) no longer exists.

Fortunately, I can still log in on my laptop, but I cannot put the zoom on my device because then it will send a verification code to the non-existent email address that I do not own anylonger.

I have tried to change the email address for registration, but then a verification email is sent to the email address that no longer exists and I am unable to enter a different or change the  registration email address.

how can i do this change now


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Perlanegra_1 for this I would suggest submitting a ticket at and choosing the request type to 'Account Management' and the about to 'Unable to access email' and proceed with submitting the ticket. Thanks! 


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