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plan cancellation seems impossible to do!


For several weeks, and prior to auto-renew, I have tried to cancel my subscription unsuccessfully. The "cancel" button in my account is not active - won't allow me to select it. I have tried to reach customer service and resolve the issue, but instead, my subscription auto-renewed on a card that was expired and I have not been able to get resolution via a cancellation and refund via the Chat or by phone at customers service. I am at a loss as to why it is so difficult to speak to someone about the problem and get a resolution. Instead, I continue to get emails from customer service that the issue is resolved and could I complete a survey about their customer service. Really? Has anyone else had this problem and if so, have you found a way to resolve? 


Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

@FellowshipHall Sorry to hear this. Have you also tried submitting a ticket or reaching out to your Renewals Manager? You may contact your Renewals Manager directly or submit a ticket here so our team can assist further. Please ensure you are logged in to open a case.

Hey Crissy,

Thanks for the quick reply. Sorry in advance for the long reply below. 😊


Sure have! We submitted a ticket a little over 2 months ago at this point and were assigned someone to handle it. We haven't gotten anywhere with the ticket so far. The representative assigned didn't respond for a couple weeks, then after a few pings from us eventually asked us to confirm what we wanted done (which we responded cancel all of our subscriptions and refund us the money you shouldn't have been able to take), then nothing for a few more weeks, then the ticket was closed and marked resolved, so we opened it back up, and haven't heard anything since. We asked via phone if our ticket can be transferred to someone else, but they said the person assigned to our ticket needs to do the re-assigning, which is a problem because the reason we are TRYING to get it reassigned is the person currently assigned is unresponsive and isn't addressing our ticket in 2 months! Other calls have resulted in providing our phone number and being told "a supervisor will call you to get this handled shortly" (calls never come).


I think we just feel powerless over here and it really builds on the frustration when there are literally no avenues to get this sorted other than "wait for the person who hasn't done anything in 2 months to hopefully do something at some point in the future".

From our perspective, a few things need to change so that this can't happen to others.

  1. A customer should be able to cancel an account without going through renewals/retention. Sure, you can call after a cancellation to try to get someone back, but canceling shouldn't be literally impossible without your involvement.
  2. A credit card should not be chargeable when it is expired.
  3. There should be an avenue for changing the ticket's assigned agent besides that agent doing it.
  4. The ticketing system needs to provide more transparency. On every call/chat I have had about this, they have said they will add a note and ping the person assigned. I have absolutely no way of knowing if that was done or not. All we see from our side is a total lack of action on Zoom's side handling a ticket that seems fairly straightforward.
  5. The retentions team needs a phone number to call/be transferred to. (unless there is a retentions number and we were told incorrectly that there isn't.)

I agree with this. I have just tried to cancel my subscription a few days after it renewed, the help text suggested that I would be able to get a refund as did the screen that flashed up when I cancelled it but there was no indication of how much or when this would arrive. I have not used this service since it renewed and I just want to cancel the plan and get a refund - but the guidance is confusing and vague and I do not know what is happening now.


I am also stuck in this terrible vortex trying to cancel about a week ahead of our renewal date! I have submitted 2 contact form tickets and am now waiting in queue on chat AND on my second phone call after a completely unhelpful call where the attendant said our account was a special kind of account that they didn't have visibility into and we would have to be escalated to another kind of Zoom employee and that I was going to be transferred and have an email sent to me, NEITHER of which happened. I MUST cancel this subscription this week for an extensive list of licenses we no longer use, why is this so hard when it's within the realm of your policy even of being able to cancel up to 1 day before renewal?