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changing email-


I am so annoyed right now.  Trying to change email address and I can enter and it sends email to old address but all in code and a NO REPLY email so you cannot do anything about it.  i have a paid account but it says that I do not have an account that can get support.  What the heck does that mean?  I have to pay more to get help.  There has to be other resourses to get help.  Also I was only able to use Google before and now can only use Microsoft Edge and all the email for zoom meetings that I do or get are with Google.  You would think they would have it more together. ZOOM if you are checking these you need to get it together if you want people to do this.  We need someone smarter to develop a NEW zoom kind of site I would totally try it. I am paying monthly for something that does not offer support. WHY! Rant over for now