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Zoom Version Upgrade Problems


I have had an annual subscription to Zoom One Pro for several years, and recently downloaded and installed the current version of Zoom, but now cannot schedule meetings for more than 45 minutes.  What gives?  Is it possible I downloaded the Zoom BASIC version?  After installing the current version, I even "Upgraded to Zoom One Pro" (again).  Still limited to only 45 minute sessions.  Suggestions welcomed!



I am paying to have the no time limit for $14 plus tax per month. Now I am still being charged but the meetings cut off at 45 minutes. I thought I had the Zoom One Pro so I don't know why I keep getting their message to upgrade. It appears that the zoom website is not functioning properly. 


do you check your billing in your email, if the subs failed or not? 

maybe you can also check  your account if the sign is lisence or not,  

check you email and logi to zoom, apps or web, to check if your email already lisence


Thanks for the suggestions.  Problem is now solved.  I had to completely uninstall the old version of Zoom, then turn my computer completely off, which also dumped any temporary internet files, then restart my computer and download the Zoom One Pro version all over again.  Seems to work perfectly now.  It was probably just cockpit problems.