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You have been signed out because your account is signed in on another device


I use a Mac Mini at the office and often on the road a few times per week with the Macbook and I need to use Zoom in all the places. 

It's been very frustrating for years that Zoom signs me out and doesn't let me use multiple devices.

With that said it's gotten worst of late with signing me out immediately after signing back in - I guess it's still recognising my sign-in on the Macbook - So I have been signing out of all devices, which when I'm running late for a Sales meeting that I'm hosting is an anxiety-inducing situation.  Is there a better way to use two laptop/desktop devices that I'm unaware of?  



Zoom will only log you out like this if there is another sign-in from from another device of the same type. A sign-in means, in this case, just means the Zoom client being connected to Zoom - not necessarily connected to a Meeting.



Thanks Jimmy. That's what I'm calling out... the laptop is closed next to me... but 5 mins after signing into the Zoom client on the Mac Mini (and after I have started a Zoom call with a customer), it will tell me I have been signed out. 

It seems to be an error... it is accepting the new sign-in from the new device (and I presume signing me out of the Macbook client) and then 5 mins later it is rejecting it... a handshake is going on behind the scenes that seem to be erroneous. 

Hi- was this issue resolved? My zoom started doing this a few days ago. Logs me out about 10+ times per day and in the middle of meetings. 

Did you find a solution? I am now logged out many times per day even though I am not logged in on any other device. I signed out on my phone and that is my only other device. Yet I'm still getting logged out automatically. It's really annoying.

No, I didn't, it still logs me out - especially as I'm doing even more on the road these days and flirting between 3 devices constantly. 

I must admit it has been driving us to look at alternatives... if only Google Hangouts could get their act together 😐 

I have this problem too. No other device is powered up, and yet I get signed out on my desktop all the time


Agree! Very frustrating that zoom only supports being signed in on one device at a time. Teams allows you to be signed in on multiple devices.