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System rejects tax number during purchasing



Firstly, I would like to underline that Zoom again and again approves the status of one of the worst customer experience providers. To spend my money for its products and find a way to appeal to support is the challenge all the time. Its interface is not user-friendly at all, the Bolt is one of the worst bots ever that only spamming and never helps, and this ordering process has blocker that can't be resolved for a simple user. 

I just tried to get annual subscription and filled the "Billing info" and "Sold To Contact". The system requests Tax Identification Number (TIN), in general all requested information related to a business customer. I'm not a business customer that was specified at the first step, I have a TIN like an individual entrepreneur, but the system rejects is. So, I can't purchase the product I need because of my TIN is not valid from the system's perspective (by the way, the Ministry of Taxes and Duties doesn't think so). 
And trying to resolve this, I looked for support and have found this Community page. Well, what can I say, great service Zoom (no). Because when your customer runs into issues with your products, as I see, your community should work to resolve it.

Does anyone have an idea about a solution for my problem with rejection of my TIN?
I'll really appreciate your help, Community. 

Thank you!


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi JuliaK1,


Thank you for reaching out to Zoom Community! 


I recommend contacting our Billing support team here for assistance with this as they will need to access your account to investigate. 


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