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Small Business LESS Supported Now


Am I the only one disappointed by Zoom's changes RE: the small business target market?


I have been a Pro-Account subscriber for many years and just received my renewal notice.  On the surface it looks like the price is the same.  However, Pro Account plans ($149.90/yr)  NO LONGER have Live Chat support — that is now only provided for accounts spending a minimum of $600/yr.  Email support is insufficient when a technical issue is disrupting a current/pending session.  This essentially leaves small businesses unsupported technically.

The astronomical jump from $149.90 to $600 - to have live chat support - is game changer (unless we agree to pay an extra $72/yr (ah-hem 50% increase) for assurance of tech support.


As an independent consultant, I am questioning my renewal.  My spiritual center is also re-considering its account type.  When company's start decreasing their customer support; members start making other decisions.  Perhaps Zoom has calculated that it can lose its Pro-Account customer base.

Your thoughts?
What are your thoughts about this?