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Remaining number of times for basic plus member


Hello, my account is zoom one basic plus, which supposedly entitles me to 4 meetings a month that can go beyond the 40 min time limit.

However I had only 1 meeting which is 60min long and just finishing the meeting, I got the email it said you had only  2 meetings left.Is it a system error?

Thank you. 



I have a similar issue - looks like there is a bug in the way the meetings are counted.

After extending a meeting I received by email "You've used 1 meeting extension on 11-23-2023 and have 2 meeting extension(s) remaining until 11-28-2023."

Then after another extended meeting: "You've used 1 meeting extension on 11-30-2023 and have 1 meeting extension(s) remaining until 12-28-2023."

So that's just ONE meeting in a month not four.

As there is no support for Basic Plus, there is no way of raising this.

There is a bug. I hope Zoom technical staff will find this post.


I've just signed for Basic Plus. Can you tell me how you used the extension please? Did you say in advance you were going to be longer that 40 minutes or did you extend it during the meeting? I can't find any information on how the Basic Plus works. Thanks. (Sorry to intrude on your question without offering an answer!)