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Not responding to emails and refusing to help


So recently, I’ve been trying to get help regarding a 1130 to error code that I recently received. And due to the complete gross and negligent response times and outlandish lies provided by the customer support team. I have now resulted to asking for help on here now. 

After receiving an email from I clicked a link that was attached to it and resulted in nothing. The link was supposed to send me to my status update regarding my ticket that I submitted For this situation. But the webpage is blank, and when I log into my account, it is not there, and on top of that the chat is not allowing me to access to representatives or agents. That is completely unprofessional and unfair to a user/client that is using these services. And I still have a copy of my email so if you want me to send that I will. But for everyone that is reading this, I do have screenshots of three separate conversations with customer support representatives and how they completely lied about  error code 1132 and policy. I even have the email where zoom is apologizing for “their mistake” And still requiring me to fill out an appeals form. I will not be filling out an appeals form for this is completely negligent and misleading on Zooms part. 
by the way, an email has been prepared and will be sent to the Better Business Bureau and every major Internet headquarters in the country to show how completely dishonest and untrustworthy zoom. Please respond back as soon as possible. Thank you. 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Pup-xero 

Please refer to here 

Zoom Community Team
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