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Is it necessary to have several licenses?


This is my first time using Zoom. If you could give me some advice on how to proceed with the following requirements, I would greatly appreciate it:
An online tutor will teach a group of up to 12 students using Zoom.
Lessons last about an hour each.
The assignment takes 12 hours, one hour a day, over three weeks.
Five tutors will teach different groups (details above)
Zoom Basic is used by both tutors and students.
There will be a need for Screen Sharing, Breakout Rooms, Team Chat, and Whiteboarding for tutors.
I will upgrade to Zoom PRO.
1. For each tutor, do I need to purchase a PRO license?
2. Also, does Zoom PRO need to be purchased by each participant (student)?
3.Even in a "Breakout Room", tutors should speak with students. Could that be done?
4. Can I cancel a tutor's license after they complete their assignment after three weeks, and ask for it again if and when needed?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @jameswilliam234,


Welcome to Zoom!!  Thanks for your detailed question.


To allow your tutors to accomplish their tutoring sessions, each would require a Zoom Pro license.  If their sessions were limited to under 40 minutes each, you could possibly get by with Basic licenses, but I wouldn't recommend that in your case.


Answer 1: Yes, each tutor should have a Pro license.


A Zoom account is not necessarily required for attendees to meetings, but is recommended.  As long as attendees are just attending meetings and/or webinars scheduled by others, a Basic account (which is free) is all that is needed.


Answer 2: No, students do not require Pro accounts, but they should register with Zoom for a Basic (free) account.


The meeting Host - in this case, your tutors - has the ability to move into and out of Breakout Rooms as necessary.  It is not currently possible to assist Breakout Room participants from the Main room, though there are ways to communicate with the Breakout Rooms from the Main room by the Host.  It would be one-way communication from Host to breakout-rooms, so I think the option of popping into a Breakout Room to help someone is the best choice.  Note that there is an Ask for Help button in Breakout Rooms; clicking that button notifies the Host (note: it does not notify any Co-Hosts) of the request, and the Host will be presented with a prompt to enter the room where the request originated.


Answer 3:  Tutors can speak to Breakout Rooms from the Main room, but I recommend tutors advise students to click the Ask for Help button for assistance, and respond by clicking Join Breakout Room when prompted by the request.


If you are using the Monthly payment option for your Zoom account, you can easily add and remove Licenses. Any license added normally starts immediately and runs to the next monthly payment cycle, at which time it will renew for another month.  Cancelations become effective at the end of the payment cycle, and the assigned user will be able to continue using the license until the monthly anniversary, when the license will be canceled, and the user will revert to a Basic user.


Answer 4: Licenses can be canceled, but cancelations are not effective until the end of the current billing cycle.


See the following Zoom Support articles for additional details on some of the topics addressed:

I have a few more suggestions for you to consider...


Who will be scheduling the classes?  If you -- as the tutor administrator -- will be scheduling the classes, there is a feature called Scheduling Privilege which allows Zoom users to access another person's Meetings.  You could establish a Scheduling Privilege connection with each of your tutors, and this would allow you to schedule their meetings at the appropriate time.  They would see these meetings on their Zoom client application (assuming that you scheduled the meeting for them; you can still schedule your own meetings for yourself).  In addition, you can view their meetings as well, and -- such as in the case of an unplanned absence due to tutor illness -- you can start the meeting and fill in, or after starting the meeting yourself, invite another available tutor to fill in.  More details here; it's a little technical, so come back to the Zoom Community if you need guidance:


Secondly, when a tutor's sessions are over, assuming that the tutor will have sessions with you at a later date, I recommend not canceling the user's account, but just remove the license from the user.  If you are going to have a new tutor come on board (perhaps for a different course, or because the prior tutor was not able to meet during the scheduled times), you can re-assign the license to the other user. 


If you will regularly have 5 tutors, and 12-day/3-week tutoring sessions start each month, you would most likely want to consider granting Pro licenses to them on a long-term basis.  Under this scenario, moving to an Annual payment plan would save you money (the annual plan cost is 10 times the monthly cost - you're getting "2 months free" with the annual plan).  If you will regularly have 5 tutors, but there will be entire months where there are no tutoring sessions, the monthly plan will be better, since you'd only activate licenses during the months you need them.


I hope this is helpful for you.  Good luck with your students and their tutoring sessions!

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Hi jameswilliam234,

I am very, very surprised!   Your question is almost an exact copy of mine. 
You asked the question one hour + 11 minutes before me!

I asked the question on:  2022-11-23 05:12 AM
You asked the question on:  2022-11-23 04:01 AM

How come!   Now I believe in TELEPATHY  -:)