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How to log in without using google


I log into zoom via my google account but I am now wishing to utilise my work computer as it is better than my personal one but my workplace will not allow google (it only allows Microsoft), so I cant log in on my work computer. 


I have looked in my profile and settings to see if I have a way to set up a sign in option but I cant see one.  Pls can someone advise if this is possible and where I might locate it 🙂




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello @Sallysmustang ,


The issue you are having is related to your company's software polices for the Zoom Workspace application.


Many companies use a software distribution/management system like like SSCM or InTune to manage and maintain the software that is installed on computers they manage. 


It seems that they have taken the additional step of locking down the login options for Zoom Workplace on your work computer.


Unfortunately, you can either try to uninstall the Zoom Workspace app and then re-install it, which may violate your company's policies, or you can ask you IT department to restore the other login options for the Zoom Workplace application.


I hope that this provides the information you need, reply if you have any further questions. Otherwise, consider marking this post a "Accept as Solution" so other Zoom Community members may find this solution as well!