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Deer in headlights


I don't know if "Contact Center" is even the appropriate location/board for this first-time message. Gahhh, another internet site that has no direct customer support, only "chat rooms" with people who may or may not know the answer to questions.  I hate this.  I'm not good at stuff like this, and if I didn't desperately need ZOOM for what I'm doing in my personal life, I wouldn't be here.  So... here goes... a question I bet nobody can answer...


I just now signed up (it was an upgrade from a trial account), and it seems I'm paying at least $149 per year, although I chose two additional features, so it might be around $170.  I went through the whole process, all the screens obediently, as suddenly -- I was "in"?  Suddenly, I'm HERE.  I never saw an opportunity to approve payment of any kind.  Never say a debit card page, never saw a PayPal link or any other kind of payment.  How did I arrive at this point, seemingly with a working account, and not pay for it?  Kind of nervous just now.  And what a waste of time to write this -- there's no real contact person or customer service agent.  


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @Availeth welcome to the Community! Slightly confused as to your question.. where did you see the option to upgrade? Within your Zoom profile at Or was this a promotional item such in an email fro a free trail? Lastly, as the Owner on the account or admin with specific permissions, you can go to to see plan types, invoices, etc., is there anything there as to you purchasing your license or are you prompt to upgrade still? 

Zoom Community Moderator

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