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Scheduler Invite details

I would like to know if there is a way to request information from someone that books a meeting with you that they need to add to their details at the time of booking - so I have an idea of who they are and their account info please?

Getta8 by Listener
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Terrible User Experience in the new Scheduler

First of all, the USER experience of scheduling was changed without real notice that it had been changed. Second, it no longer offers me a choice of scheduling a meeting in iCal, which is a requirement for me--my non-profit is Mac based and we use th...

Zoom Scheduler, Availability issue

I have set up a one-to-many schedule in Zoom Scheduler. Availability Mon-Fri for proper hours, settings all look correct no min/max time before booking. When open the link, displays Tues- Fri properly but continues to show "no availability" on Monday...

Defaulting to Telephone

The Scheduler plugin is now defaulting to Telephone only. I've changed the settings on zoom site settings and still the plugin defaults to telephone when scheduling a meeting. Anyone else with this issue?

Kyle6 by Listener
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Zoom desktop not seeing Apple Macbook pro contacts

Hi, My iPhone Zoom app is seeing my 'external' Apple Contacts, but on my Zoom desktop on Macbook Pro it is not seeing my Apple Contacts. I cannot figure out why Zoom is not seeing my Apple Contacts on Macbook Pro. Anyone having this problem? Thanks!

EdTWP by Listener
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Scheduler option to ignore availability on polls?

We are running into a problem using scheduler. Many staff want to offer very specific times for a potential meeting, even times that they may currently have a competing appointment. In these cases they are willing to re-schedule the other meeting if ...

Meeting Scheduler

Is there a way to text a meeting request? I have a number of clients that do not look at their emails or gets lost in the large volumes or goes to spam. Can it be done?