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Scheduling Meetings

I have a paid account. I want to schedule or start a meeting WITHOUT requiring a Meeting ID. Where is the setting for that???

chasb by Newcomer
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Can I integrate Zoom Scheduler on my website?

Hello, I am reading all the documented info, but some for reason this isn't clear to me. I want to verify that I can integrate Zoom Scheduler on my website. For example, I have a WordPress website... I would like to put a calendar on the website, and...

SMS/EMAIL reminders for meetings that are moved

My custiomers use my Zoom scheduler linls to book meetings with me. 24 hours before the meeting the client and I will get an SMS and email reminder that the meeting is coming the next day. However, if the meeting gets rescheduled to a later date, we ...

Zoom scheduler email notification

I am using scheduler in two different Licenced accounts. Until yesterday I was able to receive email when someone books a meeting through scheduler, same for upcoming ones. I have not changed anything in notifications settings (they are set as to sen...

RiaG by Newcomer
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Not showing availability during lunch hour

I set up a scheduling link for a 75 min meeting and for some reason, it doesn't want to give options over my 12p-1pm lunch hour just on one day. My google calendar doesn't have anything booked past 11:30am and my buffer for the 75 min meeting is only...

tiffin by Newcomer
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Create multiple meeting rooms with assigned hosts

Hey there, We run event days where we network people together and so we have multiple meetings through out the day with a range of different hosts. At the moment we have a scheduler who creates the room on each of the hosts, but as we have alot of me...

Zoom Scheduler Issues with SMS

I just started using Zoom Scheduler. I send SMS confirmations and reminders via SMS to all that have booked with me. I book for them and about half the time clients prefer Phone over Zoom. I created a Bookable Schedule for Phone only. The issue I hav...