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Outlook calendars

How do I change which email address the zoom meeting invites are coming from in Outlook? All my zoom meetings are being scheduled on the wrong calendar, and coming from the wrong email address.

Reoccuring Sessions

Is there a way to set up my sessions to be reoccurring in Zoom Scheduler. So that if they sign up for 1PM on Tuesday that is every Tuesday at 1PM?

Recurring Meeting no end date

In using the App, I scheduled a recurring meeting for the 1st Saturday of each month, at a specific time without an end date on this recurring meeting. The invitation says the meeting is for any time, not the specific time. When I use the web portal ...

Zarwaki by Newcomer
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Public Page link BROKEN

First off - Zoom support sucks. "WHY???" Just why, guys. I have had the paid subscription to the zoom scheduler for a couple of years now, loved it (notice the past tense here?). I have a link to my public page in my email signature and most recently...

Resolved! One invitation, many atendees

I will be the host of the meeting. If I only know the email address of one person who I want to invite to the meeting, can that one person send the invitation to others so they can use the same link to attend?