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Auto open after update Mac

Every time I update Zoom on my mMacs, the application opens after the installation. This is undesirable: all I want to do is update.Is there any way to prevent the app opening after being updated?

BunShed by Listener
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ZoomRoom not able to update email address

Hello,We are facing an strange issue, we have a list of EXCHANGE Room mailbox that were created, and implemented with Zoom Room. We have made a modification on the email address. Now when we try on the Zoom Room profile to add external Calendar and s...

NSa1 by Listener
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Zoom Virtual Meeting for a business

If I have a business with multiple lots, but they wanted to set up one of their lots with some form of a virtual receptionist at a Windows computer that a potential client can interact with in order to receive assistance from an employee at another l...

ZoomRoom and a trainer's office

Our goal is to create a distance learning/training ZoomRoom that doubles as a trainer's office.- The ZoomRoom is controlled by a Logi Roommate and Tap controller, with a PC supplying content (via Power Point) during distance learning "meetings" which...

Audio Loudness (Best Practice)

Hi Team,Is there documentation/information on Zoom's best practices, specifically on the Audio inputted into Zoom? Referring to (Zoom Rooms Audio Guidelines – Zoom Support) there is no clear indication as to the signal level/loudness that should be i...

Zoom Room Updates

Hi All, Every once in a while an update will push out for Zoom Rooms, and Zoom Rooms won't let us start or join any meetings. Pretty much, if an update pushes out, Zoom Rooms won't work until we update it. Is there a way to stop updates from locking ...

user12 by Listener
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