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Only one person recognized in virtual background

Not sure this is the correct group. I noticed that while using a virtual background, only one person was recognized and appeared on the virtual background even though two were in the camera field of view. This used to work on my older intel Mac mini,...

Multi-Camera mode layout

I have a user with three cameras in a boardroom in Multi-Camera mode. Two shoot either side of the table, the third is a speaker tracker set to be the primary camera. They want to change the layout so the far end sees left, center, right rather than ...

Zoom Room unable to save changes

Good afternoon.To clarify, I got today 2 different Issues that may be connected, for the first, i cannot change the settings to use more screens in my zoom room, I'm using a Neat bar pro that has connected 2 displays, but only one work, last week bot...

Magc by Listener
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Zoom Room iPad scheduler display

We have two iPads used up show the Exchange resource calender for each room using Zoom Room Scheduler. When booking directly from the iPad the upcoming meetings update pretty much instantly. When a new meeting is added directly to the calendar from O...

Resolved! Virtual Room connector Network access

Hi, I'm trying to deploy Zoom Virtual room connector on our domain. Server hosted in our DMZ. Firewall settings applied as instructed in see VRC in I start...

Resolved! Limited Time For Meetings

What I've observed is that the time is limited according to certain meetings. I'm on the latest update on zoom and still can't seem to get enough time to host my meetings, now I'm not sure if it's something that I need to change, check or whatever. S...