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Is It Possible To Add A Custom Video Filter

I was looking to create a custom "Video Filter" Not virtual background. Essentially just the company logo in the corner of the screen, so that it is infront of the person should a shoulder or such get in the way. Is this possible? The Zoom Tutorial i...

BenGB by Listener
  • 1 replies

Invites to External Roles not being received

Under User Management > Roles > Role Members > Click 3 dots at top right > Invite external users to this roleI invited 3 emails - all same person - only 1 of those emails received the invitation - the email they least wish to use because it is their ...

Duplicate tiles appear in the Zoom rooms

In Zoom meetings with 155+ participant tiles, 4 Zoom screens with 49 tiles/Zoom screen, we found that participant tiles on screen 3 were duplicated on screen 4 (the last page). Out of the 49 tiles on screen 4, all were duplicates from page 3 except f...

sooz808 by Listener
  • 5 replies