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No audio in call

Hello everybody. I have a problem,My headphones and microphone work fine when I do anything except zoom calls. Even when I use zoom meetengs or go into settings to test my microphone and audio - everything works very well. But as soon as I press the ...

fisher by Newcomer
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Mp3 Voicemail Attachment Not in Email

We have it setup to where when we get a voicemail to the main line an email goes to me and to my boss. However, the email I receive includes the attached mp3 of the message whereas my boss only receives the transcription without the attachment. Any i...

Leaving a Zoom voicemail message

I left a voicemail message using Zoom phone to another Zoom phone user. I did not press a number on the dial pad after recording the message, I just hung up the call. The person I called told me afterward that the voicemail message was "...45 seconds...

KLEA by Newcomer
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would ask for my reimburse, for the money I paid after the year ended, never wanted your subscription to be renewed cause i dont used any more .

ANA22 by Newcomer
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Can someone please tell me how I can make it so that each line receives there own voicemails and our main number also receives them or has access to them. Thanks

Resolved! Changing Voice Message

I simply do not understand why it is so hard to change the voice message on my zoom phone. EVERY time I go on vacation, it seems to take forever to find out where you do it, but it never takes. I have gone into the web portal, typed in text, it plays...