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Poly Edge e220 offline

Just getting started with ZP.I have had 2 of these phoens go bad on me. Meaning i cannot factory reset them as i've had to RMA them.The first I thought was a fluke.The second not so much. Have a Reception phone setup as a shared line group. The phone...

Poly CCX 500 Zoom Phone Appliance Time Zone

Hello everyone,Has anyone been able to assign a template to Zoom Phone Appliance to update the time zone. I have a remote user whose phone has the wrong time zone. I'm looking to find ways to push an update via the Zoom Phone tenant portal.

Provisioning Spectralink VC9240

Has anyone had any luck provisioning the Spectralink Versity VC9240. Followed the Zoom instructions. Getting a "SSL Certificate verification error". (might be related?): I have the three DigiCert Global Root certificates but cannot find instructions ...

PatDuss by Listener
  • 7 replies

Resolved! Cannot receive incoming calls.

New customer. Single line. I wanted to have all incoming calls ring on my phone and not go through the auto attendant. Finally figured out how to unassign the company number from the auto attendant to myself. In the process I have somehow caused my n...

Kuba5519 by Listener
  • 2 replies

Moving one site into another one

I have a main Corp site Corp-Main, with several sub-sites, corp-fl, corp-ny. Each sub-site "almost" has the same settings for users vm, hold music etc as the Corp-Main. I want all sites to have same settings as Corp-main. If I move Corp-FL into Corp-...