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Does Zoom use my uploaded personal .csv file?

I have downloaded my previous skype personal contacts list as an Excel .csv file to a pendrive;I have not yet uploaded this to my Zoom account; and will not until this question is answered.Does Zoom presume the "right"/"permisson" to use this list to...

Click-to-Dial Issue with Salesforce

Hello everyone,I'm currently facing an issue with Salesforce related to click-to-dial functionality, and I'm looking for some guidance or solutions. I'm facing:1. Click-to-dial is enabled in my Salesforce setup.2. When I click on a phone number in a ...

Copy Voice mail transcript in Android App ?

Hello - Not sure if this is the correct place for this, but I would like to request an enhancement to the android app. Currently there is no way (that I could find) to copy the transcript of a voicemail. I know I can receive those transcripts in emai...

Resetting User Password

I am trying to reset a user password and following the below instructions. I do not see the option mentioned in step 4. Can someone post a screenshot of this, as I don't see it as an option. Thanks! How to change a user's passwordTo change a user's p...

kellit by Listener
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Resolved! How to Stop Zoom Phone Call From Taking Focus

Hello. When an incoming call comes in, it takes the focus. This is frustrating for our customer support reps as they are in the middle of typing notes and the focus is taken away as they type. Is there a way to have the call still appearing, but not ...

amyfeit by Listener
  • 10 replies

Resolved! Zoom Phone Widget - can't move the window

Started recently, perhaps version 5.16.1, we're starting to see the following. Once the Windows 10 Zoom Widget is opened, it can't be moved on the screen. The functions all work, and it can be closed. The window, however is unmovable. If the user mov...

j3gum by Listener
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Problemas com musica e fala

preciso de música de fundo e falar por cimaQuando associar a minha música à plataforma Zoom utiliza compartilhar a Tela no avançado e compartilhar a Tela o som sai muito bem, mas quando falo através do áudio do computador faz interferência Com o apli...