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Resolved! Zoom only contacts, not personal

I have just started using Zoom Phone for my business. I would like to store business contacts so that in the app I can see their name/association, but I do not want to give the app access to my personal contacts. Is this possible?

Zoom-Salesforce integration not working

I've integrated Zoom with Salesforce as per the instructions provided by Zoom, but when I try to sign in to Zoom from Salesforce by clicking the phone icon, I sign it, but it gets this error " Attempt to de-reference a null object".It says I have suc...

Enable ConnectionServices no longer in Android app.

I use Zoom for the softphone for work. I also use hearing aids. Since my audio device is a hearing aid and not a headset, for the android zoom app to use my hearing aids as the audio out I have been needing to Enable ConnectionServices. (More>General...

List of valid Certificate Authorities (CAs) on TLS SIP trunk

Hello,I'm newbie in the community and this message may be missplaced (appologies in advance!)We're working to settle a SIP TLS trunk from our infraestructure with Zoom but couldn't find a list of valid Certificate Authorities (CAs) and this is a requ...

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