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Zoom Numbers for India

I have read the news that Zoom got license to operate in India, Is there any timeline does Zoom have to port India DID numbers BYOC towards cloud and again does it means it can run without any SBC? Can someone shed some insights on this?

Master Account and Sub account

Master Account and Sub account We have recently signed up to Zoom Phone, we have a main and account and a sub account listed under that. Whilst I understand the positives, there will be a need to make sure that users from the main account can see the...

Placing a Phone - try again later

Hello, I have a colleague who has been placing calls with not issues. However, when they call this one client they get "Please try again later" each and every time. The colleague has used their cell phone (not Zoom issued number) to call the client w...

Resolved! incoming call history

The Zoom phone's incoming call history is only partially displayed on the Android ZoomPhoneApp, even though it is all recorded on the web admin page. I considered the impact of forwarding calls from the company phone to the Zoom phone, but even incom...

akr555 by Listener
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Resolved! Zoom Phone

I just purchased zoom phone basic for A$252 to call AU and NZ numbers. I already have a phone number. I chose the local that starts with +618. But when I try it, it's not making any calls. I can't call any AU and NZ numbers. What's wrong?

jj151 by Listener
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Common area Lines

We want to have what I would call a common area line.We need three to four physical phone handsets (not mobile devices) in different areas of our program which all serve (and are served by) the same phone number. They will not be assigned to an indiv...

kdalton by Listener
  • 2 replies

Ring AND Forward Simultaneously

We have 2 users in an office. One is rarely in the office causing the other user to frequently cover their extension. The regular user has requested that the phone of the irregular user forward immediately while still ringing the irregular users exte...

Event format on WebSocket connection

Hi !I subscribed for Zoom Phone events on top of WebSocket connection via a Server-to-Server OAuth app, however I don't find the format description of the events to be received. Is this already supported ? Is it possible to receive real time events o...

ZPForum by Listener
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