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Phone call recording notification

Hello,We have automatic call recording for all of our sites with our own IVR greeting message that includes a disclaimer that the calls are being recorded. The problem is that when a customer calls in and selects from the IVR,after hearing the discla...

Jbeck by Listener
  • 11 replies

Resolved! reordering call queues

I had to add another call queue, and I'd like to move it up in the option list (i.e. it's now Press 6 and I'd like it to be Press 4). I couldn't see an option to do that. Anyone know how?

Resolved! Callback Request

People dont seem to like leaving voicemail so we were hoping to set up the IVR to do something like Press 1 to leave voicemailPress 2 to request a callbackCallback would recite their phone number and give them the option to input a different one. Tha...

Wade by Listener
  • 2 replies

Zoom Phone Dial by Name Directory audio prompt

Can the 'dial-by-name' directory audio prompts be changed to match the IVR voice settings?The default voice within the 'dial-by-name' directory is quiet jarring next to the IVR selected voice. It comes off as unprofessional.

Multiple Auto Receptionist for 1 number

Hello, Is there a way to have multiple auto receptionist for 1 main line. For example for our Main Auto Receptionist, the business hours are 9am -5pm. But we have users who start their day at 8am, as well as people who end their day at 6pm. Is there ...

Arentas by Listener
  • 4 replies