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Resolved! カレンダーについて


Experiencing Issues with Zoom Meetings on My Workstation

Hello Zoom Community,I hope you're all doing well. I'm writing today to share some challenges I've been facing while using Zoom for meetings on my workstation. I believe that discussing these issues and seeking insights from this community can be hig...

Issues with going live on Facebook Page from Zoom.

I am having trouble going live on my Facebook Page. It was working fine earlier this week and someone else on my team was able to when I was not so not sure if a setting got changed on my end that I dont know about. So far here is what I tried, any o...

Audio and video not sync

Hi peoples,Does anyone know how I can get my audio and video synchronized witghout having to put them through an editing program? In all my recordings they're not sync....

Deadline change for JWT app type deprecation

Can anyone tell me what this is about? I'm a user... not a developer. Curious why I keep getting these emails: Deadline change for JWT app type deprecation Dear Customer,Due to the U.S. Labor Day holiday weekend, we are delaying the end-of-life for J...

zoom is running abysmally slowly on a chromebook

Is there a zoom version for chromebook. i remember seeing one before but I can't find one now. Other programs are running perfectly well but Zoom is bringing the chromebook to its knees. Anyone know how we might get this to work?RA

Cannot Open or Delete ZOOM app MacOS

I cannot open, force quit, or move the app to trash on my MacBook. When I try to open the app I get a finder pop-up that says, "The application “zoom.us” is not open anymore." When I force quit the app, nothing happens and it is still 'open.' When I ...