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cobros indebidos

Hace dos meses adquirí el programa anual de zoom. Ahora veo que me están cobrando esa cantidad mensualmente porque me están facturando el producto por 10, como si hubiera adquirido 10 suscripciones para la misma cuenta (algo sin sentido). No hay mane...

Tuytea by Listener
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Issues with going live on Facebook Page from Zoom.

I am having trouble going live on my Facebook Page. It was working fine earlier this week and someone else on my team was able to when I was not so not sure if a setting got changed on my end that I dont know about. So far here is what I tried, any o...

How to Open the Door

Although I paid the $150 for the membership, Zoom doesn't think I paid, and cuts me off after 40 minutes. My attempt to use Customer Service have been thwarted because, apparently, you can't get customer service unless you have full membership. A tru...

Cannot Open or Delete ZOOM app MacOS

I cannot open, force quit, or move the app to trash on my MacBook. When I try to open the app I get a finder pop-up that says, "The application “zoom.us” is not open anymore." When I force quit the app, nothing happens and it is still 'open.' When I ...

virus on zoom link

Zoom sent an email today with a link to a video about 10 time saving tips. it had a tracker on it. How do I tell Zoom?

Barnea by Listener
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Update problems

Yesterday when I started a Zoom session I got a message saying go to IT to update. As an individual I don't have IT support so the only way to try to get an updated version of Zoom was to delete Zoom and try to re-instal. However, as I am still regis...

TM5 by Listener
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An idea for "settings"???

Dear Zoombies/Zoomophiles, Methinks the "Settings" page for Zoom can be a little overwhelming/confusing for the average Joe-or-Joanne-Blow. I'm aware there's a bucket load of great info about Zoom, especially such pages as https://support.zoom.us/hc/...