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Audio of shared video not recording. Help!

I need to share a video that has audio, during my recorded meeting. To do so, I share the video and select the "Share Sound" checkbox, and because the video has audio and I'm in a noisy environment, I mute myself. However, I noticed that if I do that...

Abe3 by Listener
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Resolved! Facing issues with my zoom App

Hi there hope you are doing well, I have Android version 5.0.4 for Zoom App but the problem I'm facing is that whenever I try to connect to a meeting through the App, it takes a very long time to connect, and then when it finally connects, there is n...

Hamzee by Listener
  • 1 replies

Not seeing or hearing some participants

For the last few months sometimes when I’m hosting a meeting on my pc, I can’t see new participants who join. But the other participants can see and hear them. So then I’ll log out and log back in and often then I can’t hear anyone. So then I’ll try ...

PrAnd by Listener
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Since I updated to window 11 I have been having a lot of problems with my Zoom account. The participates are saying that I freeze on the screen (which I do not see on my end) I still see them moving. Its quite annoying . I have reset my computer wifi...

ladytgc by Listener
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Participant does not have option to pin others

Hi. We have a participant who I will call David who attends our online classes via Zoom. He does not hear well and when we have QnA and another student is asking a question or sharing a story, David would like to be see that person better. I record a...

Squashed webcam image

I've recently switched to a new laptop. I've kept the webcam, so I can use it on the new device.The weird thing is that although I have copied the settings onto my new laptop, the image is compressed horizontally. What's even stranger is that the ima...

Zoom meetings

Hi All, I have just paid for a pro licence (as advised by zoom) when running a meeting, I don't want other people in the meeting to see each other or be able to talk to each other Every time I sent up a meeting they can always see

Zoom app locks up PC on Windows 11

On my newest 'souped up' PC, I haven't had any issues ... until I started making Zoom calls & meetings. Now ... it randomly freezes MY image, but allows the audio to continue. Then, it might miraculously restore itself for a little while, but inevita...