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Video angle

Has anyone, or any company, come up with a way in which I can convincingly look my interlocutors in the eye when we are meeting on Zoom (or any other such platform come to that).My camera sits on the top of a large (70cm) desktop screen. So in every ...

Zoom hiccups

Hey all,Just started a basic paid account and suddenly my zoom is crashing and rebooting every 15 minutes. Anyone have a solution to this problem?

49 participant view in one window!

I want to see all 49 participants in one window!(Display), but there are always two different windows with 25 and 24 participants. What am I doing wrong? I have two Displays one for the presentation one for the participants.

Latest update causes huge CPU load

Since the latest client update, we notice on all devices a huge CPU load, with messages popping up in ZOOM to shut down other applications. All devices operate WIN11, and had never difficulties before. This is also combined with interupted audio/vide...

KVI1974 by Listener
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Resolved! Bug with MP4 Sharing

Hello all,We have stumbled across a bug with MP4 video sharing. Some videos, inexplicably, refuse to work with this feature.For instance, here is a link to one video that works great. And here is another video that does not. Instead of showing, it ju...