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Storing Zoom Meetings

I want to "store" "archive" a zoom meeting on my computer and "remove" the file from Zoom Cloud recordings to free up space. is that possible?

Recording Downloads disabled

I usually download my recordings to my laptop and then upload to Youtube. Suddenly Zoom will not allow me to download my recordings. Also, how do you find out how much download capacity you have or have used?

Cloud Recording Length

Recently the data used has increased on my recordings to the cloud. My meeting length hasn't changed. Does anyone know why or how I can minimize?

Help with Zoom Link after Erasing the recorded meeting

We have the basic Zoom for our workplace. We have recorded a number of meetings, and we have stored the links. We just deleted the meetings (after downloading them to a back-up) and now none of the links are working. Is there any way to make those li...

4SVS by Listener
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Cloud recording

Hi all,I tried to record a class meeting for the University and chose the "cloud recording option". While the meeting was ongoing, it clearly indicatd that a recording was in progress, but after the meeting and having stopped the meeting, no recordin...

toku2 by Listener
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Printing a .VTT File

Hi,Is it possible to print out the meeting transcription file (.VTT) as a docx file? and is it possible to print it out with the meeting text only and none of this information on it?: 7159c78e-7759-462e-98ab-7856888957c1-501:32:05.848 --> 01:32:09.37...

aitsu by Listener
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meeting did not record

I just finished a meeting which said it was recording, but there is no file. Is there any way to recover it?

Delete recordings after account change

We used to have a pro account, but have now downgraded. We do still have cloud recordings, and they take up a lot of space. I am now getting about 4 emails a day warning me about this storage issue, but I can't resolve it because I can't get to the r...