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Probleme accentuation plugin outlook

Bonjour J'ai un problème d'accentuation lorsque je créé un réunion Zoom dans le message mail généré Je ne trouve pas le paramétrage à mettre en polace Merci de m'aider

drabo by Listener
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recurring meeting emails

How can I get Zoom to send one email for a participant to accept all recurring meetings instead of multiple emails for each individual meeting in a recurring meeting series?

tjenget by Listener
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Is it necessary to have several licenses?

Hi,This is my first time using Zoom. If you could give me some advice on how to proceed with the following requirements, I would greatly appreciate it:An online tutor will teach a group of up to 12 students using Zoom.Lessons last about an hour each....

Simple sort by Location on User Management Tab

I am uploading users and need the ability on the user management tab to sort by location but I cannot. I only see the ability to sort by first/last and email address. Is this not possible? The project I have will be tedious if I can't sort by locatio...

Resolved! Polls/Quizzes

Is it possible to create polls/quizzes that can be reused from one meeting to another? I host the same meeting several times per month and don't want to have to recreate the same poll/quiz for each one.

Cutting in and out despite good wifi connection

I have had issues with this for months and don't know what to do. I will be in therapy and it will cut in and out every 5-10 seconds making it impossible actually to do therapy. I thought it was my wifi for the longest time because I would switch to ...

sistya by Listener
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Resolved! reviewing survey questions & responses

hi folks,I set up a short survey for meeting participants. I found how to view and download a CSV file of survey responses under the Meetings tab (when logged into but I cannot see the original survey, as presented to participants, or the re...

Resolved! poll results when host role was transferred

Someone else created a Zoom meeting and created a poll for it. She launched the meeting, and then when I joined she transferred the host role to me. I launched the poll, and meeting attendees answered it - but now we can't find the poll results eithe...