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Why end meeting webhook not called?

I've setup attendee join/left event webhook and it's working properly. But webhook is not called for end meeting event. Am I missing anything?But when I set for meeting end event, it's not called. Access is givenWebhook log shows nothing

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Polls on IOS devices not displaying

As host, I start an attendance poll before others join. When participants join, they are presented with the poll. This works for most devices. However on some iPads and iPhones, they see a small message that says "The host has started a poll" which s...

Polling is not showing up

Having a weird issue right now. Polling is not showing up on the bottom dock or to be added when creating a scheduled meeting. I am using a licensed version of zoom and since I'm one of the admins of our accounts I verified it was turned on for my ac...

Feature request: Limit who can answer poll questions

My organisation hosts meetings for member organisations and need to limit who can answer polls to those entitled to vote. As per now we have to move all meeting participants who are not entitled to vote to a breakout room before launching a poll. I s...

Kaare by Listener
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Hi folks. I have set up a number of Polls for a forthcoming meeting and it would make life a lot easier if it were possible to sort these manually so that they are numbered in the order they are needed. I will have to add a couple more which will end...

Matching poll answers display colors

Can you change the colors that poll results are displayed? I'm using a matching poll and two of the first three colors are so similar that they are hard to tell apart.

Resolved! Polls with Short Answers

Is there a way to run a poll that allows the attendees to provide a short (1-2 word) answer?

CT104 by Listener
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issue with zoom mac client

I recently find a problem with zoom mac client that if I use a host that not exist (e.x. to login with sso, then all functions with zoom mac clinet will not work properly. I cannot login or enter a meeting! However, if I use ano...