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Start a meeting as a host by phone

I need the steps on how to start a meeting as a host by phone. Do I have to enter a host key? What if I am not using the app or signed into a laptop

PK11 by Listener
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I think that there shouldn't be a timmer for a zoom meeting, because what if students are in class and a timmer shows up telling them how long they have to be in class, or what if students need help and need to stay after class to talk to the teacher...

Aspect Ratio changed in recording

Simple if in a zoom meeting and recording the recording is fine. But if you share a screen it changes to a portrait frame and a horizontal picture/video, regardless if the share is either way. Changed ratio aspect to original aspect, and not scale to...

LAR1973 by Listener
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One-Touch Dial-in: Commas vs. Semicolons

This is a silly question. I tend to connect to Zoom meetings from Outlook invitations created by people using the Outlook plugin (which I do myself). Most or all of these meetings include one-touch dial-in strings that I use to connect through my pho...

Issues Dialing into a zoom meeting - password not recieved

HelloI am required to dial into meetings via phone and when I do I enter the meeting ID followed by # (and this works fine)Then I am asked to put in participant ID and/or passcode when I do so (sometimes) it doesn't recognise it; and, to be clear it ...

Jasono by Listener
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Resolved! Sharing Iphone

Hey All I've tried all of the routes to share my iphone to others during a meeting and I just don't get the opportunity to share it when I click on the share button. I'm using the free version of zoom, could this be the issue? TIA

Sound crushing on zoom

While we have a band session trainnig meeting in zoom. Frequently, There's a sound crushing problem when talking and playing. when I lecturing at room the sound of student's guitar also has to be listened, but because of my voice student's sound can'...