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Audio issues with musical instruments

I have been teaching piano/keyboard lesson using Zoom, as well as given many lectures for Yamaha using my digital piano. Last Wednesday and Thursday I was unable to hear my students instruments, and they were unable to hear mine. I would hear about 4...

''Error 300, cannot edit webinar''

Hi, I have a problem with a user if he wants to edit a zoom meeting in Outlook, it says ''Error 300, cannot edit webinar''. version of ZOOM and outlook is up to date. does anyone know how to fix? Thanks.

Marko54 by Observer
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Resolved! Troubleshooting audio During Zoom Meetings

Hello, I am a host for our church services on the Zoom Platform and I have just run into a problem during our service the audio portion of a participant that sings and plays the piano just shuts down and cannot be heard. This only seems to happen whe...

FGA by Listener
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Device Operation Time

Users want to be able to automatically set a time when the meeting will finish. Is this done by creating a group and adding users to this and use this create a meeting and invite to this group.This is for parents evening, so it will be at certain tim...

Registration Option for Meetings

Hello, I have a question related to registration for meetings. Usually, when scheduling a meeting, I see the option 'Registration Required'. I now don't see it anymore so I don't know how to enable registration and therefore track registrants for a m...

EMN by Listener
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Not seeing participants

When joining a meeting I can see main person running it and a small box with me in it. I can see number of participants. I can push to make box on right with names of participants but cannot see them. I have been told to push top right box. There is ...


During meetings I assign co-hosting to my colleague who shares his PowerPoint presentation with our audience. However if someone enters the meeting whilst he's sharing pop ups appear only on his screen to let them in. How can we stop this happening? ...

Dannyt by Listener
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