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OBS Virtual Camera freeze

Using Win 11, OBS 29 virtual Camera with latest release of Zoom. In OBS I can change from one scene to another, but Zoom will not change. I can only use Zoom with the original scene selected in OBS. This is severely limiting the benefit of Zoom. Has ...

Livetrak L-8 and input selection in Zoom call

Hi, this will be a confusing question as I'm using a Zoom LiveTrak L-8 and the Zoom Conference software... I love Zoom Conference for podcast recordings as it allows the creation of separate audio files for every guest, so the editing is simplified a...

Focus doesn't work when starting contact for zoom in poly studio x50.

When having a meeting in zoom for poly studio x50 equipment, presenter tracking is not possibleeven if the presenter focus and auto framing functions in the camera control are enabled. Do you know how to set it up other than how to set it up in camer...

seok by Listener | Zoom Partner
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Hello; every time I set up a new webinar, and make registration mandatory the invitation has the name and email of one of the registrants from a prior webinar. ow do I get rid of that.

Blur or pixelate forground

Does anyone know how to blur or pixelate the foreground, or the whole image. My son uses zoom for school and has issues with people seeing him, he has been using it with the camera off, but teachers think he signs in and disappears, what we want to d...

Live streaming from Zoom to Facebook group

In my facebook group I clicked on Zoom live app. I have Pro version of Zoom. when I try to get help on how to stream from zoom support they say I have to join Events and there's a $189. charge for a year. I'm getting very frustrated. I thought with P...

sec777 by Listener
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Any music totally blocked since last update

There seems to be,and for some time in the past, been a lot of discussion about how difficult it can be to keep Zoom from blocking sounds you actually want to broadcast. This has had various degrees of impact even on music seen as background noise. S...