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Need to display toasts on screen-share while demoing software

I am preparing to demonstrate software over screen share in a Zoom meeting. A feature being demonstrated involves displaying a toast notification to the user. However, toast notifications are not being shown in screen shares. I have not found a way o...

Resolved! Facing issues with my zoom App

Hi there hope you are doing well, I have Android version 5.0.4 for Zoom App but the problem I'm facing is that whenever I try to connect to a meeting through the App, it takes a very long time to connect, and then when it finally connects, there is n...

Hamzee by Observer
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Show the profile picture in a live streaming meeting

I would like to have a live streaming meeting on Youtube. There are some speakers who will not turn on the camera, but only show their profile picture. However, I found that I cannot see the profile picture on Youtube live ( Only the user name can be...

NSM_hk by Observer
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Ukrain war consequences

International sanctions against Russia on underway. Are there any consequences regarding using Zoom between Russia and France in the following days?

How can I remove green border while speaking?

I have used zoom for my Livestream. It's very convenient for my guest speaker. The only problem is the green border around speaker is distractive for my audience. How can I remove the green border while speaker is speaking? P.S. I only know how to re...

DrBig by Observer
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what wireless headphone would be best to use when I am teaching and instructing during fitness sessions on ZOOM. people can not always hear me when I have to turn my head away

How to use a teleprompter with zoom

Virtual Teleprompter The Virtual Teleprompter App for Zoom meetings The Virtual Teleprompter App helps you read a script while looking into the camera. The app will automatically scroll through your text during the zoom meeting which allows you to fo...

share screen on android --- feature turned off

I am trying to support someone using Zoom's screen sharing. I am using a laptop or an android phone (I have tried both) and he is using a Nokia smartphone, not sure which model. After he goes into Share, Selects Screen and Start now he gets up a mess...

liamea by Observer
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