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Resolved! Reasonable Accommodation request

Hi All, This is regarding a reasonable accommodation for the automatic closed captioning feature you provide. We are able to save the full transcript at the end of the meeting, but if we forget to click the save button we lose it all. Is there a way ...

Echo trouble

I conduct meetings using a MacBook Pro. I have another iPhone in the same room being used as a camera with the mic turned off. The iPhone is signed in as a guest. No problem. I wanted to turn the mic off on my laptop and instead use the mic on the iP...

Microphone not working

Hello,my microphone is not working only on Zoom. On teams it works as well, and the same applies to google meet, skyoe and webex. I've tried to proceed as indicated here in solved posts (uninstalling, switching off and re-installing; checking that th...

Hearing audio from muted participant

During a weekly 3-hour meeting, the participant list shows that all participants are muted. Nevertheless, we can hear when one particular participant clears his throat. This happens week after week. The mute icon on the participant list shows that he...

Larry8 by Observer
  • 1 replies

Transcription of already recorded Meeting

Hi, I just found out that my ZOOM Pro subcription does not provide audio transcripts of recorded meetings. I am writing my dissertation and I need those transcripts for academic ends.Should I upgrade to Businness? If so, will I lose my cloud recordin...

Resolved! Attendance Reports Not Generating

Hello, I am trying to generate a meeting registration report, and when I enter the meeting ID or the date of the meeting it shows no data. These meetings are within the last month so I don't understand why they are not generating. I would appreciate ...

OAHSSC by Observer
  • 7 replies

Resolved! Lost recording

Hello there,I've recorded a 40 minute meeting locally. When I enter the recordings section it doesn't appear. I don't know if the recording has been lost or is being converted.I need help ... do you know if the 40 minute local recordings appear immed...

Zahra9 by Observer
  • 7 replies

Zoom Crash

Hello, Until now the zoom worked fine, i used only my laptop screen. Today I connected a monitor to my laptop, so I have 2 display now. Today, when I joined to a meeting, I got crash two times.I don't know what the problem is, maybe I'm using two mon...

Csongi by Observer
  • 2 replies

Zoom Error

Hello friends. Yesterday i upgraded my plan from basic to pro. Then i changed my password. Since then, everytime I'm logging in, in a few seconds, there's a pop up message says that my session has expired and it happens everytime. Im using mobile pho...

Alwin by Observer
  • 1 replies