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Transcription of already recorded Meeting

Hi, I just found out that my ZOOM Pro subcription does not provide audio transcripts of recorded meetings. I am writing my dissertation and I need those transcripts for academic ends.Should I upgrade to Businness? If so, will I lose my cloud recordin...

External noise is harsh not clear

On my ACER laptop, I can't get the sound of tapping a bell to come through clear on zoom. It sounds like I am banging a wall. Any advice as this is annoying? Need clear external sound

DOML by Observer
  • 1 replies

Zoom Keeps Crashing

Every time I join a meeting in zoom, it boots me out, then tries to load me back in which boots me out and crashes zoom.My zoom is up to date, so are all my drivers and windows. I have refragmented my computer and uninstalled and reinstalled zoom mul...

Suggestions for Holding a Virtual Swap Meet

Hi! My name is Beth and like most folks, I have switched our monthly Meetup gatherings to Zoom. It's been challenging, but we are making it work. Anyway, every year around the holidays, for the 16 years when we met in person, we held a swap-meet toge...

BethOwl by Observer
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image rotated

On the last use of zoom meeting, the image appears rotatted 45º. Not even with the rotation control knob i solved this problem. I've tested the laptop camera and it's working fine. Can you help me?

vfxaa by Observer
  • 3 replies

can't access my Polls feature anymore

I have the most updated version (5.8) as far as I know and I used to be able to create polls and now I can't. I have enabled the function and read the trouble shooting sections. I'm doing everything I'm supposed to do for something pretty basic. any ...

LS68 by Observer
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Switch off audio suppression entirely

Honestly I'm not sure if this is the right location to post this, but I couldn't find a more suiting one. Anyway... I'm trying to configure the Zoom app for Linux 32bit on a Raspberry Pi 400 with Raspberry Pi OS. As it's and ARM computer, I need to i...

I could not hear my guest and he could not hear me

Hello everyone,Thank you for the help. First time user.So I scheduled a meeting and we could see each other. But we could not hear each other.Do I need to do something? Any advice, please. We both had earphones. I was on a desktop and he was on phone...