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Zoom Teleprompter app for Mac

The best teleprompter app for Zoom / Mac The virtual teleprompter app for Mac is compatible with Mac OS and Zoom. Online meetings can be challenging for presenters who are trying to juggle speaking notes, their appearance, talking speed and all the o...

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Resolved! Multi-Spotlight for Cloud Recordings

The release notes for 5.10.3 state there is now support for Multi-Spotlight for cloud recordings, and that the recording will recognize and record up to 9 spotlighted participants in a meeting or webinar. Is there a setting either in our app or user ...

kjhartma by Community Champion | Customer
  • 5 replies

Resolved! hosting privileges

Hello,I just purchased a desktop and I can't seem to access the share screen on this, although on my laptop the share function exists. Wondering why? I prefer to have zoom meetings on my desktop so would really like to be able to have the share scree...

WZimmer by Listener
  • 3 replies

Zoom on Ubuntu does not allow to share screen

I use Zoom on Ubuntu 20.04. Video and Audio is fine and when I'm not in a meeting "Share Screen" is not grayed out. But during a meeting this button becomes inactive and I can't share anything. Any idea why?