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Possibility to create simple web apps

Hi, I have an issue in my daily operations at my workplace. Currently we are have more than 10 zoom account to gather around 10 divisions managed by us (IT Division), we are not shared the zoom account to the each user/division, because sometime in t...

Focus doesn't work when starting contact for zoom in poly studio x50.

When having a meeting in zoom for poly studio x50 equipment, presenter tracking is not possibleeven if the presenter focus and auto framing functions in the camera control are enabled. Do you know how to set it up other than how to set it up in camer...

seok by Listener | Zoom Partner
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Zoom integration on website

Hi, is there a way to integrate Zoom into my website so viewers can join weekly discussions directly from the button? My website is about streaming and I want to either make a separate page for it or have a small button in the sidebar. Any suggestion...

Aspect Ratio changed in recording

Simple if in a zoom meeting and recording the recording is fine. But if you share a screen it changes to a portrait frame and a horizontal picture/video, regardless if the share is either way. Changed ratio aspect to original aspect, and not scale to...

LAR1973 by Listener
  • 4 replies

Zoom meeting on others' calendar

This is basic, I know, but I am unable to send my Zoom meeting to others' calendar, when I'm scheduling them. I fixed it on one of my computers, but can't seem to find it on this computer. I also can't find the steps to do so. Can someone tell me how...

KB8 by Listener
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