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Audio issues with musical instruments

I have been teaching piano/keyboard lesson using Zoom, as well as given many lectures for Yamaha using my digital piano. Last Wednesday and Thursday I was unable to hear my students instruments, and they were unable to hear mine. I would hear about 4...

Newly added apps don't show up in apps tab or sidebar

First time trying to use Apps, as a sole user with a free account. I activated 3 Apps from the Marketplace, which shows them as "Added": "Mentimeter," "Meeting Recaps, Transcripts, Recording from Read", and one other. I saw notices that they are supp...

Q&A feature - in Pro?

Hi, I have a zoom pro account and am hosting a meeting for 50+people. I wanted to use the Q&A function, and have the chat separately. I was going to upgrade to business but realised the minimum users is 10 and that's too much cost for me. Is there an...

Probleme accentuation plugin outlook

Bonjour J'ai un problème d'accentuation lorsque je créé un réunion Zoom dans le message mail généré Je ne trouve pas le paramétrage à mettre en polace Merci de m'aider

drabo by Listener
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Zoom Permissions

Looking for support! I have given scheduling privileges to two people, and they both have privilages to schedule for me and vice versa. However, sometimes when they log in they can enter the room but do not have hosting capabilities. If anyone has co...

Karen6 by Listener
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Diffrent monitors

Hi,This is probably a stupid question.But when I colllaborate with others that has different screen sizes than me my screen shows up smaller in there screens.Today my partner had a 27" and I use a 49 wide.Is there some way he can zoom in so he can se...

Sellden by Listener
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Chat Participation

I know this is a struggle for all. I have noticed that once one or two participants start responding in chat, the others often feel more encouraged. I would love to have a "fake" person or really a second me to add to chat as another participant rath...

RBrewer by Listener
  • 2 replies

Collaborative editing of transcript file

Hi there. I'm teaching a large class on zoom and thought it would be good if students took turns tidying up a transcript of one class each, which would mean all transcripts get edited, and these student-edited transcripts displayed as the official tr...

EK5 by Listener
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Looking for help with Streamlabs OBS * Zoom

Streamlabs OBS and Zoom used to play nice for me and now they won't. Zoom keeps saying that it can't start video and to choose another. Yet every camera option i choose it says that. I am not super tech savvy, so any help would be great appreciated!