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Resolved! SOS: Zoom not connecting on Mac app

I've been trying for over an hour to connect to Zoom meetings through my Mac's Zoom app. I cannot even log in, it states there is no connection. However, my friend is able to start, login, and connect to meetings on the same wifi. I don't have a VPN,...

brile by Listener
  • 4 replies

using the chat feature in breakout room

Hello! I'm wondering if it is possible for the Host and Co-host to communicate with each other using the chat feature while they are in separate breakout rooms. For example, can the host (in breakout room 1) send a chat message to the Co-host (in bre...

mollymak by Listener
  • 4 replies

Coverage in PC Magazine - Office Hours

Hi Folks, I have mentioned another external Zoom-related community here a few times, called "Office Hours", for which I am a member. Office Hours is a daily Zoom Webinar panel discussion about media and tech, and Zoom-based topics. Office Hours was c...

Rupert by Creator
  • 3 replies

green screen does not work

Whenever I want to use virtual backgrounds, it says that I need to use a green screen and when I do use one, it does not work, I entered the zoom community hoping I would get help. If you can help please do.

Resolved! chat window integrated into side by side view face.

I am a student and wanted to see this implemented because we have professor lecturing which requires chat participation. it is annoying me that I have to bring up a chat window and close it because it obstructs the presentation.

Turning off chat function is not working

Hi, I am a primary school teacher running ZOOMS for remote learning. Recently myself and my colleagues have noticed that we are unable to turn off chat during a ZOOM, which can be frustrating with dozens of nine year olds.We have tried the below meth...

Resolved! Chat Setting During Meeting

Hi everyone, I noticed recently that you cannot change chat settings during a meeting as a host. I know that this topic on enable/disable chat has been discussed before and I know where to change it, but it doesn't work recently. When I click Securit...

SylviaS by Listener
  • 3 replies

Resolved! No feature for chat responses in Zoom Meeting

Hi everyone,I'm searching for a feature to reply to chat messages in Zoom Meeting. I tried searching through the Support Page and Bolt (the Support Box), but I couldn't find any explanation or solution for the matter, and Bolt doesn't learn or unders...

Zoom chat no reply or ellipses icon.png

Startup Scripts

Hey everyone! I'm looking for a way to help my fiancee's father with setting up his zoom calls.The guy knows his way around a hammer and nail better than anyone I know, but he's not super familiar with computers. In today's covid world, he's been ask...