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meeting cutting with specific person only

Hi ,I have issue when i call specific person the call cutting off , i call a lot of people i didn't face any issue only this person .why this issue coming and how i can solve it

Moaiad by Listener
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plan update

hi, I need help. I made the payment of my pro plan and the basic plan is registered in my user.


I think that there shouldn't be a timmer for a zoom meeting, because what if students are in class and a timmer shows up telling them how long they have to be in class, or what if students need help and need to stay after class to talk to the teacher...

Get duration of a past instant meeting

Hi there! I've done a lot of meetings in the past with someone by doing an instant meeting (clicking the "Meet with Video" button in the chat page). I'm trying to get the duration of these past meetings. Is there any way? I'm unable to find where. No...

How to give online report documents via zoom?

We have used to do online meetings here on zoom. most of the time we have companies documentation which is very much important.So we would wanna know if the data files we share over the chat system is secured and best when it comes to privacy. There ...

davinss by Listener
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The Zoom Panel Assets does not load completely

Hello, The Zoom Panel Assets does not load completely and the panel does not load .Please host the Panel Assets in your own hosting account space and please do not use far assets in other sites and so the assets will load for us.The Screenshot of Pan...

How to turn off name tags in the video

Hello. I was wondering if someone could help me with something. I use Zoom to record video meetings, but the participant name tags always appear on the video. I've gone into the setting and unchecked the box that says "Always display participant name...

mr28 by Listener
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Startup Scripts

Hey everyone! I'm looking for a way to help my fiancee's father with setting up his zoom calls.The guy knows his way around a hammer and nail better than anyone I know, but he's not super familiar with computers. In today's covid world, he's been ask...